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A Lot of Adversaries

Author: Kevin Campbell $4.99

Exclusive Roll20 Mentor set, and sequel to "A Pack of Foes":

25 Items Included in A Lot of Adversaries


roll20 exclusive royalty staff fighter female token fantasy

Dwarven Banker

exclusive money npc rich nose token fantasy

Cave Horror

monster exclusive terrifying teeth mouth token fantasy

Demon Guard

roll20 exclusive adversary shroud dark shield devil token fantasy

Dream Eater

exclusive nightmare scary nom brain tentacles consumption token fantasy

Elder Wurm

exclusive hungry slug horror ancient token fantasy

Emerald Swordsworn

exclusive huge weapon knight token fantasy

Dark Knight

exclusive sword cloak warrior female token fantasy


player character exclusive brave adept purple female token fantasy

Flame Elemental

hot exclusive spirit heat fire token fantasy

Frog Wizard

exclusive funny bowtie amphibian toad ribbit magic token fantasy


exclusive fighter shirtless axe hook token fantasy

Glaive Defender

exclusive bio magic human pink punk female token fantasy

Hooked Beast

exclusive bulky sharp monster run token fantasy


exclusive bug bloodsucker thirsty winged token fantasy

Mad Construct

foe insane exclusive manufactured box token fantasy


shape digester digestive exclusive shifty hungry token fantasy


teeth exclusive hungry trap treasure token fantasy


fantastical animal exclusive bearowl hoot best wild beast token fantasy

Rust Insectoid

critter exclusive crunchy monster bug token fantasy


exclusive creature pet monster darkness meow token fantasy


exclusive supernatural beast dinosaur spiky token fantasy


exclusive player crafty assassin bamph shadowstep token fantasy

Warrior Priest

decapitate exclusive player male caster enchanter magic token fantasy


robed redhead exclusive magician caster token fantasy

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