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Aberrations Pack 1

Author: Elcio Trombini $5.49

Horrible and dangerous monsters from darkness.

15 Items Included in Aberrations Pack 1

Arcane Observer

observer eye flying


panoptes amorphous giant

Astral Nightmare

astral beholder eye


devourer brain guard

Crawler Mount

crawler insect mount

Gibberling mouth

gibberling amorphous mouth

Mimic Barrel

shapeshifter barrel object

Mimic Coffin

shapeshifter coffin object

Mind wrecker

flayer octopus aquatic

Nightmare examiner

examiner aberration flying monster

Nightmare watcher

watcher aberration flying

Observer, Seer

observer beholder tree

Observer Seastar

observer starfish eye sea

Vampiric Observer

kiss death flying


vodyanoy umber hulk aquatic

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