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Elemental's Creature Collection 017

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

My seventeenth set in the Creature Collection line revisits the Gods, trying to round out some of the major deities of the various Realms. Included you'll find major deities, minor deities, deities from the Seldarine and Dark Seldarine, the Celestial Empire of Kara-Tur, and the Lords of the Golden Hills.

Sizing. Although most of the tokens included in this pack are set to default to 1x1 on your tabletop, most of my tokens can be upsized to 8x8 before the quality degrades. This should allow these nearly all-powerful beings to present themselves large enough to intimidate any they choose to appear to.

Recurring Characters. After receiving requests, this set features different versions of several Gods, including younger aspects of Ilmater and Loviator, as well as an armored Asmodeus. Is there a God or Goddess here you'd like to see more of? Perhaps other poses or other color variations? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and I can try to incorporate them into a future set.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

69 Items Included in Elemental's Creature Collection 017

Ao the Overgod 001

lord divine ao

Ao the Overgod 002

beard hands disembodied

Asmodeus 002 2x2

archdevil baator archfiend

Azuth 001

wizard magic deity

Chan Cheng 001 2x2

faith nine enlightenment

Deneir 001

scholar scribe knowledge

Eilistraee 001

song dance freedom

Gond 001

craft smithing inventiveness

Ilmater 003

avatar boy sacrifice

Ilmater 004

hurt martyr sacrificed

Ilmater 005

stockade restrained stocks

Ilmater 005 Empty

stockade restrained stocks

Leira 001

illusion liar deception

Leira 002 2x2

lady lying mists

Loviatar 002

avatar torture pain

Mask Feminine 001

shadow intrigue thievery

Mask Masculine 001

shadow intrigue thievery

Mystra 001

magic weave ley

Nebelun 001

gnome tricker innovation

Nobanion 001 3x3

king lion firemane

Nobanion Corrupted 001 3x3

evil lion twisted

Oghma 001

bard invention inspiration

Oghma 002

elderly old knowledge

Prince of Frost 001

night long pale

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