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Dashing Dashboards 6

Author: Chibbin Grove

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

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Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents Dashing Dashboards 6! The latest addition to our Dashing Dashboards series!
Dashing Dashboards 1 - Dashing Dashboards 2 - Dashing Dashboards 3 - Dashing Dashboards 4 - Dashing Dashboards 5

Dashing Dashboards 6 is a collection of 170+ boxes, counters, frames and more to design your own personalised splash screen/landing page!
Includes Marching Order boxes, Season boxes and Kill counters!

What is Dashing Dashboards?

Dashing Dashboards is a collection of assets that have been created to allow GMs to create wonderful and stylised splash screens!

What is a Splash Screen?

Splash Screens for role-playing games act as a form of hub area for the GM to place players on when they are not in session or exploring the game world.
It can be used to showcase helpful information such as previous events, items or any other information that you wish to keep the players informed on!

You can find more of our work over on our website
You can also find us on Patreon, Twitter and Instagram.

If you have any questions email us at

178 Items Included in Dashing Dashboards 6

20x20 Box Filled 8

box border ui

20x20 Box Filled 9

box decor ui

3x3 Box 1

border frame ui

3x3 Box 2

shield border ui

3x3 Box 3

border frame ui

3x3 Box 4

border frame ui

3x3 Box 5

border frame ui

3x3 Box 6

box border ui

3x3 Box 7

border frame ui

3x3 Box 8

box frame ui

3x3 Box 9

skull frame ui

3x3 Box 10

skull border ui

3x3 Box A 1

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 2

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 3

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 4

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 5

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 6

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 7

border frame ui

3x3 Box A 8

border frame ui

3x3 Box Ally 1

box ally ui

3x3 Box Ally 2

frame ally ui

3x3 Box Ally 3

border ally ui

3x3 Box Ally 4

box ally ui

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