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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Black Scrolls Castle Map Tiles

Author: AAW Games

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $9.99

From Black Scrolls Games comes a set of 89 tiles containing throne rooms, kitchen, library, armory, cantinas, treasure room, office, winter garden, guest rooms and more!. Mix around, rotate and mirror each tile to create your own magnificent castle. What lord and ladies live here? Adapted for use on Roll20 by AAW Games.

89 Items Included in Black Scrolls Castle Map Tiles

6x6 armory

weapons armory furnished

6x6 armory_empty

empty armory unfurnished

6x6 bath

water bath furnished

6x6 bath_empty

empty bath unfurnished

6x6 bedchambers_king

king furnished bedchambers

6x6 bedchambers_king_empty

empty unfurnished bedchambers

6x6 bedchambers_queen

queen furnished bedchambers

6x6 bedchambers_queen_empty

empty unfurnished bedchambers

6x6 bedchambers_staff

staff furnished bedchambers

6x6 bedchambers_staff_empty

empty unfurnished bedchambers

6x6 chapel

church furnished chapel

6x6 chapel_empty

empty unfurnished chapel

6x6 cloister

day cloister furnished

6x6 cloister_empty

empty cloister unfurnished

6x6 crypt

crypt underground furnished

6x6 crypt_empty

empty crypt unfurnished

6x6 dining_room

dining furnished

6x6 dining_room_empty

empty dining unfurnished

6x6 dovecote

day dovecote

6x6 dovecote_night

night dovecote

6x6 guestrooms

furnished guest bedchambers

6x6 guestrooms_empty

empty unfurnished bedchambers

6x6 kitchen

kitchen furnished

6x6 kitchen_empty

empty kitchen unfurnished

6x6 kitchen_v2big

kitchen furnished

6x6 kitchen_v2big_empty

empty kitchen unfurnished

6x6 library

library study furnished

6x6 library_empty

empty library unfurnished

6x6 observatory

study furnished observatory

6x6 observatory_empty

empty unfurnished observatory

6x6 office

office study furnished

6x6 office_empty

office empty unfurnished

6x6 prison

prison furnished

6x6 prison_empty

prison empty unfurnished

6x6 solar

study furnished solar

6x6 solar_empty

empty unfurnished solar

6x6 stable

day furnished stable

6x6 stable_empty(total empty)

empty unfurnished stable

6x6 stable_night

night furnished stable

6x6 storage

storage furnished

6x6 storage_empty

empty storage unfurnished

6x6 torture_chamber

torture furnished

6x6 torture_chamber_empty

empty torture unfurnished

6x6 treasure_room

treasure gold vault

6x6 treasure_room_empty

treasure empty vault

6x6 undercroft

furnished undercroft

6x6 undercroft_empty

empty unfurnished undercroft

6x6 war_planning_room

table planning war room

6x6 war_planning_room_empty

empty unfurnished war room

6x6 winter_garden

garden winter day

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