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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Winter & Ice Map Collection

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $18.99

It's what it says in the title! This is 14 distinct maps with dozens of variants each, totalling over 80 unique maps for use in your northern games - just in time for the holidays! This collection contains every single icy and glacial variant I've ever drawn from all of my maps, compiled together and sold at a discount for your convenience. No need to buy a bunch of maps when you're only after the snowy versions! It's all here, tailored and stitched together.

This collection includes:

Hyperlinks are provided directly to those maps currently on Roll20 as their own item!

In addition to the above, variants are provided for nighttime, magical circles, ancient artifacts, monoliths of great age, pools of oil, acid, and plot-device fluids, great chasms, and dark pits.

All maps are provided in 140ppi resolution, or 140x140 pixels to a square. A table of map tile sizes is provided in the preview images above, covering all maps and their major variants. Both gridded and non-gridded versions are provided for everything.

This map collection contains many maps that (as of the time of this writing) are not available for sale on Roll20 - but some of its contents are included in their original map package for sale on this marketplace. If you own my Canyon River Delta map, for instance, the Iceberg Confluence map in this collection is identical to the variant of the same name included in the Canyon River Delta. Please be aware!

168 Items Included in Winter & Ice Map Collection

Ice Throne (34x22) (Clean)

throne king hades

Ice Throne Pit (34x22) (Clean)

throne crown underworld

Cave No Water (Clean)

cave ice glacier

Cave Water Island (Clean)

water island snow

Cave No Water Island (Clean)

cave island snow

Cave Water (Clean)

water cave island

Cave Water Hole (Clean)

pit hole glacier

Cave No Water Pit (Clean)

cave pit glacier

Glacial Grotto Deep Pool (22x17) (Clean)

pool lake glacier

Glacial Grotto (22x17) (Clean)

cave snow glacier

Glacial Grotto Pool (22x17) (Clean)

pool pit grotto

Glacial Grotto Vortex (22x17) (Clean)

vortex whirlpool drain

Glacial Canyon Chasm (33x17) (Clean)

abyss chasm canyon

Glacial Canyon River (33x17) (Clean)

river frozen stream

Glacial Canyon River (33x17) (Clean) Night

river chasm canyon

Glacial Canyon Chasm (33x17) (Clean) Night

abyss chasm canyon

Glacial Canyon (33x17) (Clean) Night

pass canyon glacier

Glacial Canyon (33x17) (Clean)

pass canyon bluff

Arctic Ice Field (Clean) Night

ice snow glacier

Arctic Ice Field (Clean)

lake ice snow

Arctic Snow Dunes (Clean) Night

snow mountain dunes

Arctic Shores (Clean)

ice mountain glacier

Arctic Snow Dunes (Clean)

snow winter dunes

Arctic Hot Springs (Clean) Night

mineral hot springs onsen

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