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Elemental's Creature Collection 9

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

The ninth entry into my Creature Collection line features various undead creatures with vampires featuring prominently due to some questionable decisions made by several of the players in my campaign.

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. sq. area and are constructed to fit to the grid so resizing does not distort the token. Unless stated otherwise in the token name, the default size is 1x1.

Rollable Table Tokens. Despite the individual poses, each variation of a creature takes up the same amount of grid squares on the VTT as detailed in the name (1x1, 1x3, 3x3) to make them interchangeable if you choose to use rollable tables in your campaign to create multi-sided tokens. Rollable tables enable you to have one creature represented by multiple tokens which you can select or randomize when you pull them onto the table. This allows for some variety in the look of your enemies or allies while still having the token tied to the character sheet.

Recurring Characters. Is there a creature here you'd like to see more of? Perhaps other poses or other color (or less rusty) variations? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and I can try to incorporate them into a future set.

105 Items Included in Elemental's Creature Collection 9

Bertstuc Demon 001 3x3

demon fae forest

Dragon Topaz 001 4x4

topaz gem dragon

Dragon Topaz 002 4x4

topaz gem dragon

Dragon Topaz 003 4x4

topaz gem dragon

Drider Male 003 2x2

hybrid drow spider

Jinmenju 002 Fruit

fruit head tree

Jinmenju 003 Fruit

fruit head tree

Leshy 003 3x3

trickster fae forest

Leshy 004 3x3

trickster fae forest

Leshy 005 3x3

trickster fae forest

Lolth 001 4x4

deity goddess spider

Lycanthrope - Werepig 002

lycan hog pig

Lycanthrope - Werepig 003

lycan hog pig

Lycanthrope - Werepig 004

lycan hog pig

Lycanthrope - Werepig 005

lycan hog pig

Lycanthrope - Werepig 006

lycan hog pig

Manticore 003 2x2

lion tail scorpion

Manticore 004 2x2

thagomizer lion tail

Skeletal Death Crier 001

crier town black

Skeleton 001

skeleton bones undead

Skeleton 002

skeleton bones undead

Skeleton 003

skeleton bones undead

Skeleton 004

archer ranger bow

Skeleton 005

guard fighter knight

Skeleton 006

pikeman guard pike

Skeleton 007

guard post archer

Skeleton 008

skeleton bones undead

Skeleton 009

skeleton bones undead

Statue Topaz 001

petrified topaz gem

Vampire - Aasimar 001

turned bit vampire

Vampire - Alligator 001 3x3

cursed alligator crocodile

Vampire - Dragon 001 Human Form

changed vampire hidden

Vampire - Dragon 002 Human Form

changed vampire hidden

Vampire - Dragon 003 4x4

draconic vampire dragon

Vampire - Dragon 004 4x4

draconic vampire dragon

Vampire - Elf Male 001

dark vampire drow

Vampire - Elf Male 002

dark vampire drow

Vampire - Human Female 001

turned bloodsucker bitten

Vampire - Human Male 001

masked hidden human

Vampire - Human Male 001

nosferatu vampire night

Vampire - Human Male 002

nosferatu vampire night

Vampire - Human Male 003

nosferatu vampire night

Vampire - Human Male 004

turned vampire bite

Vampire - Human Male 005

vampire night darkness

Vampire - Human Male 006

nosferatu vampire night

Vampire - Tiefling Male 001

turned vampire rogue

Vampire - Vampire Bat 001

bat vampire flying

Vampire - Vampiric Mist 001

gaseous undying gas

Wyvern 006 3x3

cousin draconic dragon

Wyvern 007 3x3

cousin draconic dragon

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