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It's quite late in the morning by the time you and your companions manage to reach the summit of the small mountain that crests over the quaint village you all call home.

Taking in the fresh mountain air, you and your companions gaze down wistfully to the village as you all prepare to embark on your grand quest into a wide world full of adventure, monsters, dungeons and dragons.

Greetings, adventurers!

I am Shambles! Your guide to the realms of Dungeon & Dragons (or Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Vampire, Call of Cthulu or any other Tabletop RPG that might float your boat!)

I am a simple purveyor of digital tabletop miniatures (also known as tokens) that you can use to help illustrate and accentuate your RPG experience!

Please feel free to browse my wares below and hit me up on Twitter, Patreon or my instagram (@seanmcshambles) if you have any suggestions, feedback or just feel like saying "hi"!

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