Mists of Akuma: The Yai Sovereign of Storms

A 5th Edition OGL adventure for four to five PCs of 7th-8th level set in the Mists of Akuma campaign setting.

Soburin’s human nobility are not the only rulers that are in need of outside agents since the corrupting fogs reappeared; even oni warlords have found the Mists of Akuma to bring challenges, obstacles, and threats beyond their ken. Yōna, the undisputed master of the secret city of Tsukisasu, lost control of her throne only a few weeks ago to a strange creature that capered out of a storm intermingled with the supernatural haze, and her agent Xiqzoxix is keen to remove the usurper as soon as possible. The PCs are the group ze has chosen for this momentous task and should they accept the oni bengoshi’s offer, a deadly set of trials await them on top of the mountain—though the longer they dally, the more powerful their adversary grows. To defeat Obiemashita the party will have to first find Tsukisasu, covertly investigate the town, and then disrupt the yai sovereign of storm’s rituals and slay it before all hell breaks loose, spilling untold violence down onto the already embattled lands of the prefectures below!

Will you conquer Tsukisasu or be subsumed by the storm?


  • A uniquely monstrous adventure set in an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting (Mists of Akuma)
  • Fully-statted Journal entries and tokens for all NPCs and Monsters appearing in the adventure
  • The secret monstrous city of Tsukisasu and a collection of its oni citizens
  • Eleven maps! One for fighting in the city, one for lower on the mountain, one for higher up, one for Tsukusasi, four for buildings in the settlement, and then three for the fortress at its peak!
  • The continental map of Soburin by Michael McCarthy
  • Rules for the dangerous Mists of Akuma and the new misted condition, as well as the Haitoku and Dignity attributes
  • The adeddo-oni template and 10 new monsters: adeddo-oni hunchlings, adeddo-oni samurai, adeddo-oni ninja, gaki, hebikontorra, monsuthant, tikbalang, Xiqzoxix the oni bengoshi, the Katana of Rizushi Kantaro, and the Yai Sovereign of Storms Obiemashita
  • Tokens for PCs of every race that appears in Mists of Akuma (all 14) and the rules to play them
  • Through The Mists (an original musical composition by Nicholas J. Giebel specifically for Mists of Akuma) along with a dozen other tracks to keep the atmosphere for your game rooted in this eastern fantasy noir mystery!

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