Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison is a one-shot campaign module for 3-6 players built on the Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system (which is included with purchase).

The Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system is the game of great television. Your character can do anything that fits their Modus Operandi and makes for a compelling or ridiculous scene. Do you want to hang from the skids of a helicopter or drop a one-liner while you dramatically rack the slide on your shotgun? Do you yearn to say "These power readings are way off the charts"? Do you believe bombs should be defused with zero seconds left? Then this is your system!

The Custodians RPG system is incredibly easy to learn and run. The full, illustrated rulebook is included with this purchase. It provides tons of ideas on how to have fun with TV and movie tropes and can be used for any genre from scifi to fantasy to "gritty cop drama" to "indulgent reality TV show."

In Pick Your Poison the bar custodians must prevent the bar they work at from failing it's safety inspection. This is no small task considering the bizarre aliens, despicable lowlifes and violent criminals that frequent the bar. Pick your Poison is raucous, raunchy, rude fun.

This module includes:

  • The Snake Pit bar map: with 8 richly detailed, photo-quality matte-painted rooms
  • Encounter descriptions including dozens of additional complications, scenarios and encounters
  • 64 Unique, illustrated character tokens each with its own unique character bio and token actions
  • 42 additional tokens
  • Full, illustrated Custodians of the Galaxy RPG Rulebook
  • Dozens of self-explanatory token action macros
  • Fully-featured Player Character Bio sheets
  • 3 Pre-made player characters
  • Guidance on how to make characters and run the game - It's SUPER EASY but still rich and detailed.

Thanks for checking out my module!

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