Massacre at Skytop Mine

Massacre at Skytop is an adventure module designed for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons and is intended to take a party of four player characters from 1st to 3rd level. At its heart, the story is a mystery that provides a great deal of opportunity for roleplay but also has a strong focus on combat encounters.

The PCs begin the adventure on a humble escort mission but quickly find themselves embroiled in a larger conflict where their choices of who to treat as an enemy and who as a friend will shape the experience ahead. It could easily be inserted into any existing campaign but would also make a great start for a new one.

The miners of Skytop have delved too far! A host of monstrous creatures have erupted from its inky caverns, slaying the miners and venturing outward into the undefended countryside. What do they want? Nobody knows, for since the incident no one has dared to return to Skytop Mine.

Are there any heroes brave enough to answer the call? Great rewards, terrible dangers, and good old fashioned skullduggery await you.

Through dark forests; up sheer mountain slopes; past dangerous canyons and into abandoned mine shafts, the adventurers must battle their way past enemies of every sort to solve the mystery of Skytop mine.


  • 22 custom NPC and monster tokens with a top down perspective.
  • 4 custom PC tokens with a top down perspective.
  • 13 detailed battlemaps depicting all of the main locations in the adventure
  • DM guides and player handouts for all locations
  • Over 15 combat encounters
  • All PCs and monsters are statted via Roll20's 5e OGL sheets allowing easy, single click attribute and attack rolls.
  • Regional map
  • Dynamic Lighting integration for Pro and Plus users
  • Option of using a square grid, hex grid, or no grid at all.

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i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.
+ All Access Vault Enabled
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