Dark Lord Invasion: Part 1 Black Widow's Venomous Conspiracy

In the home of Ellenton, the group arrives in the tavern only to find out that there is a black widow in a nearby town called Dartalis. She has been causing chaos and devastation in Dartalis to the point of total destruction. The group is brought together by joining up with each other and completing the adventure of capture or killing the Black widow for a hefty reward. This proves a little harder than expected and uncovers a plot that the Black widow plans to poison Ellenton Township. Will the group be able to stop the black widows plans or will she succeed?

Play is designed for 4-5 Players starting at 1st level. Runs players from level 1 to level 5.

Included in Module

  • 7 Fully designed highly graphic maps.
  • 6 Player droppable spell tokens in journal tab
  • 14 NPC/monster tokens
  • 6 Starting Character Hero Tokens
  • 4 Chapters of intense detail descriptions
  • Handouts for relevant Scene
  • Integrated leveling system based on percentage of level not standard experience points
  • Monster Data for SRD5 under each NPC description for quick reference.
  • Skill rolls are directed towards SRD5
  • Dynamic Light for Subscribers
  • Jukebox Enabled
  • Estimated 10-15+ hours of game play
  • Completed NPC Journal card for all combat encounters.


Compatible with SRD5
Token Artwork done by Devin Night
Maps Artwork done by Joshua Kurz
Story and design was created by Joshua Kurz

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.
+ All Access Vault Enabled
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