Sorceress of the Silent Sea

A scalable 5e Plug N Play Adventure for character levels 1-6 by Arcania Adventures™.

The small trading port of Silverlight is slowly recovering from the recent horrific murder of its Lord and protector. The Lord's only son, Varieos Belastorm, has set about rebuilding his family's legacy and has sworn to avenge his father's death at the hands of the evil Sorceress of the Silent Sea.

Each small gain Lord Varieos makes in trade agreements or securing his people from terror, is quickly undone through attacks by the members of the Sorceress of the Silent Sea's Death Cult of Draknar. The Draknar Cult is unrelenting in its hatred for the Belastorm family and the people of Silverlight. Lord Varieos has turned in desperation to his Lieutenants to find him a League of Heroes to put a stop to the Sorceress and her Cult.

Travelling to the isolated and mysterious island of Draknar, the League of Heroes must somehow infiltrate the Citadel and deal with the Sorceress, her Cultists and the army of undead she is amassing.

Arcania Adventure's module, Death at Silverlight Manor, precedes this adventure if you are looking for a campaign. This module is a standalone adventure designed to accommodate level 1-6 players and is not dependent on players completing Death at Silverlight Manor.

Included in Sorceress of the Silent Sea:

  • 5e Plug N Play architecture to fit any SRD5 game
  • Scaled encounters, experience points and treasure to suit player level and party size
  • Character, monster and NPC tokens and character sheets
  • Detailed maps, handouts and additional resources to enhance your gameplay
  • Written in the Arcania FastPlay Framework™ for fast play
  • Dynamic Lighting and Jukebox enabled
  • Roll20 SRD5 Drag N Drop compatible Character Sheets
  • All access Character Vault enabled
  • Play tested by independent Roll20 users
  • The numbers: 9 high quality maps, 36 NPC/Monster tokens, 5 pre-generated characters, 35 key item images and details, and over 80 detailed location handouts for the GM

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.
+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »