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M1.5E Giant's Pass

Author: Andrew Chirgwin $4.99

It's been another day of tiring travel, and it will be good to just lay back with your feet up. The locals claim that's what the Giant's Mountains are, a long dead sleeping giant turned into a mountain range. In the common room of the keep-turned-inn, called the Giant's Boot because it sits near the base of one of the Giant's Feet, you meet a clearly bruised and disheveled Dwarf called Maakhoroy. And that is where our story begins...

Giant's Pass is a D&D 5E game using the D&D5E OGL character sheets. It is intended for a party of 4 to 6 characters of Level 8 or higher and includes six main encounters.

Included in this are:

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 8
Length: Adventure (2-5 sessions)
Features: Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Custom Macros

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