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Auchindale: Goblin Skirmish - One-Shot

Author: Justin Highberger $5.99

Auchindale: Goblin Skirmish - One-shot

This one-shot is based on “The Secrets of Duncaster” which is an adventure set in the Valley of Auchindale, utilizing the SRD5 Open Gaming License. This is stage One of a continuing, 3 stage adventure It is designed to take a 1st level party of 4 (challenging) to 6 (easy), to Level 2. The group is tasked with recovering an ancient Holy Artifact that has been stolen by local bandits. Completing the task will grant a generous award. Those who which to continue the adventure can look forward to Chapter 2 and 3 in the next installment.


Featuring new artwork not seen in the previously released full adventure.

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