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The Black Catacombs

Author: Nathaniel Dorrington $9.99

Do your players thirst for a massive good ol' dungeon crawl?

Are your dungeons feeling a little on the small size?

Not this beast dear dungeon masters!

The Black Catacombs start with a vast entryway, with a wooden bridge overhanging a deadly canyon drop, ideal for an epic set-piece entrance into this massive dungeon.

Each of the 4 subterranean levels are a huge 56 squares tall and wide. Inside these floors you will find the perfect mix of vast halls, and tight hallways, with a few mini-mazes for good measure.

Just add monsters and any props, furniture, traps you wish and you are good to unleash this beast upon you poor unsuspecting players.

All maps are fully dynamically lit and ready to be bolted into your campaigns.

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