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Mega Map Pack Bundle

Author: Nathaniel Dorrington $14.99

Do you love the look of some of my older maps, but think "Hey that maze is great in Weeping Willow, but I don't have the time to dynamically light all those walls"? If the answer to that is "YES!" then this is the map bundle for you.

Included within are three of my most popular battle map dungeons, now fully dynamically lit and ready to be bolted into your campaigns.

All you need to do now is drop in any props or furniture, and populate with monster tokens and you are ready to go within a few minutes!

So now your players can get lost in the Labyrinth of Forgotten souls, or turned around in the twisting Weeping Willow Dive, or go hunting for lost treasure in The Sand Kings Tomb.

Have fun, lovely roleplayers!

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