Deck of Multifarious Traps

The Deck of Multifarious Traps is a collection of notes scribed by the incredibly lucky-to-have-survived gnome adventurer, Fynnisnap [fih-NEE-snap]. Fynnisnap's travels took him across the world (and some say other-wordly planes) and among his many interests he documented the dangerous traps he encountered (many of which he narrowly survived) exploring ancient halls, haunted catacombs, and many more. The Deck of Multifarious Traps is his collection of perilous traps, drawn directly from his encyclopedic entries and offered here to instruct future adventurers about the myriad dangers that lie ahead.

The deck includes 50 traps and 10 trap twists that Fynnisnap witnessed in his travels. Whether you need inspiration for a stronghold or a dungeon, these traps and twists can be combined into thousands of combinations to challenge any adventurer.

Cover background art: Hermann Vogel, public domain.

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