Lock Puzzles

Author: Paul Camp

In need of a lock puzzle? How about five hundred? With lock puzzles you can seal doors, treasure chests, arcane tomes and those pesky denizens from the underworld. Simply place the lock over a background image and you're ready to go.

How it works:

There are nine basic puzzles. A single lock puzzle has three key pieces and is easy to solve. If you combine any number of these puzzles, they become increasingly difficult to solve. So the more basic puzzles you add, the higher the difficulty.

Because you can use up to nine puzzles at a time, there are nine difficulty levels. Using all nine basic puzzles in conjunction is the most difficult. With more key pieces, there are multiple ways to fill a lock, but there is only one way to fill all locks at the same time. While a level one difficulty puzzle only takes about ten seconds to solve, a level nine puzzle would take a group about half an hour.


  • Over five hundred ways you can combine up to nine basic puzzles.
  • Nine difficulty levels.
  • Tips and tricks for cooperative play.
  • Can be used with fantasy, steam punk and scy fi themes.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • A puzzle deck that will allow players to pick up and carry key pieces.
  • Four extra bigger puzzles.
  • Tips on creating your own puzzles and other uses.
  • Lock puzzles works with any gaming system.

The biggest highlight of this puzzle I believe is that you can use it in almost any situation or setting and no two puzzles are the same.

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