Dungeon Puzzles

Author: Paul Camp

Dungeon puzzles instantly changes your entire dungeon into one giant puzzle! With this pack you don't just put puzzles into a dungeon. The dungeon itself becomes the puzzle. Given only a fragmented map and dungeon tiles, players must cooperate to build their own dungeon or cave structure.

Alternatively, you can also use these puzzles with vines or magical diagrams. Closing the vine pattern or magical diagram might open a portal, summon a beast or reveal a treasure.

This pack comes with:

  • 25 Complete dungeon puzzles
  • 25 Solution map handouts
  • 7 Dungeon tiles
  • 5 Cavern tiles
  • 5 Vine pieces
  • 5 Magic pieces
  • 5 Ethereal pieces
  • 5 Pieces for creating your own puzzles
  • 25 Dungeon furnishings
  • A mini dungeon adventure
  • A short instruction manual
  • And extra stuff, because who doesn't like extra stuff?

All the tiles and pieces have been organised into decks with infinite cards. This way players can cooperatively lay out puzzles and create dungeons quickly. You can also use the decks to create random dungeons. Dungeon Puzzles work with any gaming system.

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