Castle Ravenloft Map Pack

This Map Pack functions as an Addon.

Introduce your players to the horrors of Castle Ravenloft with our top-down map pack!

This Addon features the following:

  • 8 full color top-down maps, following the layout of Castle Ravenloft from Curse of Strahd. These maps were created for the Roll20 module by Kristin Carlson.
  • Traps, secret doors, and map keys are all hidden from players' view, on the GM Info Overlay
  • All Maps are enhanced with Dynamic Lighting

This addon does NOT include description handouts, character journals, or tokens. Only layered maps are included, enhanced with Dynamic Lighting.

Interested in all that Barovia has to offer? Pick up the full module version of Curse of Strahd that includes all tokens, stat blocks, interlinked handouts and more!

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