Heroic Party of 6 v1

This addon is intended for players, but since the players themselves might not always be able to rollover in their own characters into the game, I thought it would make a nice gift idea for your DM.

You get:

  • 6 pregenerated characters complete with a background. (Back story is up to your player.)
  • Character sheets for each; level 1-5
  • Folders for each level, for easy sorting
  • Preloaded spell sheets, each level appropriate and tagged with special info.
  • Random character generator token with linked rollable tables for creating your own random characters
  • A healing potion macro that I have found very useful in my games.
  • 4 Bonus warlock famliar NPCs that come with token action macros for commonly used rolls within the game.

The characters are a mix of Male and Female Character tokens:

  • Half-orc Female Cleric (with Channel Divinity macros)
  • Dwarf Male Fighter (with 2nd Wind macro)
  • Human Male Ranger (with Hunter's Mark macro)
  • Elf Female Rogue (with Sneak Attack macro)
  • Elf Male Warlock (with familiars)
  • Gnome Male Wizard

I have another set in the works, so if you like how this works please shoot me some feedback. I'd love to release the 2nd pack!

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.