The Sunless Citadel (Tales from the Yawning Portal)

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This adventure functions as an Addon.

The Sunless Citadel, written by Bruce R. Cordell, was the first published adventure for the third edition of the D&D game. It is designed for a party of four or five 1st level player characters.

Ever since its publication in 2000, The Sunless Citadel has been widely regarded as an excellent way to introduce new players to the game. It’s also a great starting experience for someone looking to be a Dungeon Master for the first time.

This adventure, like all of the adventures from Tales from the Yawning Portal will work as an Addon:

  • Go to the Game Details page (of a game that you created). Click on Settings, then select Game Settings.
  • On the Game Settings page, scroll down to Game Addons.
  • Select the desired Addon from the dropdown menu, and then click Add to Game.
  • The next time you go into that Roll20 game, everything from the Tales adventure you added will appear within that game, from maps to handouts to tokens!

You can purchase this adventure individually, or buy all seven adventures at once in the full bundle of Tales from the Yawning Portal.

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