Critical Pixel Addon 1

Author: Zeshio

This is an addon utilizing the same tokens from Critical Pixel Pack 1. So what are the features?

Just like the pack, you'll get:

  • 306 different tokens of pixelized humans in different fantasy classes
  • 3 different color variations of each class
  • Equal numbers of male and female versions of tokens
  • Different weapons for each token
  • Unconscious/dead icons for each class
  • Same price point as the token pack

So what makes the addon different? Each class has been split into Rollable Tables. Tired of changing 300+ tokens on the fly from your library? This solves your problem.


  1. Navigate to the rollable table menu
  2. Select the token button from the labeled class table (the token appears on the playable area)
  3. Right click the token and select 'multiple sided',
  4. Select 'choose side' to change the color variations or weapons for that class.
  5. If you'd like a random token instead, select 'random side' from the right click menu. Just note that you may randomly get an unconscious body!

If this is something you'd like to see with future tokens, let me know!

License: Roll20 End User License Agreement
(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.