Random Chapters Set 2

Author: Russ Hapke

Random Chapters is back with, yes, even more random chapters!

Play as one offs or as a part of a bigger adventure, these encounter maps definitely speak 1000's of words. Explore the cold caverns from top to bottom; hold your breath going through the toxic lands; visit the Three Trails trading camp; check out the interrupted camp set up nearby; revisit Three Trails after a nasty turn of events in a different map set up.

Included here:

  • 2 levels of a (not so) icy caverns, 20x40 each, with dynamic lighting and GM overlays;
  • 40 x 40 map of a landscape marred by toxic fumes, pitted soils, and dying plant life with Dynamic Lighting
  • 40 x 80 dynamic lit map of the Three Trails campsite, with GM overlays
  • 40 x 40 map of the interrupted campsite with dynamic lighting and GM overlays
  • Three Trails Campsite revisited with another 40 x 80 map. More Dynamic Lighting, but very different circumstances! Uses GM overlays for hidden details.
  • A world map once again created in Old World Style with the new location banners, plus the victory/defeat pins and locator pins!

As with all our work, we hope you enjoy!

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