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The City that Was

Author: Mark Stern $4.99

The greatness of a dwarven citadel is measured by its greatness of wealth. The dwarves steadily work mines and forges to fuel the wealth needed to make their presence known throughout the realms. Unfortunately this also makes them known to those that would seek opportunity to steal their glory and riches.

This story occurs in a place that has experienced this struggle for millennia. New threats emerge as old threats become rivals through the tides of time. This story... your story... is another chapter of this ancient struggle.

This 5th edition adventure is presented to you by Loremasters and was designed for 4-5 characters of 1st to 3rd level and should take approximately 4-6 hours to complete. The adventure takes place in and around a dwarven citadel in any campaign setting. At the conclusion of the adventure, 1st level PCs will have either earned enough experience to achieve 2nd level or be just short of it depending on how they handle certain situations.

This add-on includes:

We take the extra steps to make our adventures easy for new players with the classic appeal that old-school gamers are yearning for. A moderate blend of exciting story content that promotes fun role-playing opportunities, unique combat situations that challenge teamwork and tactics, with the elements of mystery, puzzles, and riddles. Fun for both players and game masters alike. Plug-and-play design is our specialty. Loremasters provides premade characters, original token art and maps, simple overviews, and journal entries in easy-read formatting. All of the art in our adventures is custom art created by us, most of which is available for purchase on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Watch for new Loremasters releases crawling out of a pit near you.

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