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Circle of Dragons

Author: Haigo Dungeoncrafts

Compendium Expansion: Readable and searchable in all games using this game system, and in the Compendium.

Haigo Dungeoncrafts bring you a brand new Druid subclass!

Fully compatible with the Roll20 Compendium and Charactermancer.

Those who study the ways of nature know that humanoids are not the top of the food chain. They know in most places they barely come close. There are druids who acknowledge this and seek to learn from one of the greatest powers across the realms. Dragons. Creatures that are at the pinnacle of almost all food chains and the top of most legends, myths, and stories of old. Despite a dragon's attraction for the arcane, or their lust for gold, these creatures are often found as steadfast defenders of the natural lands they inhabit.

The desire to understand these creatures brings druids of this circle magical abilities allowing them to adopt some features of dragonkind. These druids seek adventure in order to educate themselves and others about about the power of dragons, and using that power to defend their lands, much like a dragon, would defend its hoard.

The Druid Circle of Dragons provide a new and unique take on wildshape, as well as providing interesting new draconic abilities, designed to be fair and balanced whilst giving the player a great experience.

Embody the power of dragons and transform your body to use their strength. Sprout bronze dragon scales, destroy foes with black dragons breath! All this and more is possible with this subclass.

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