Double Dungeons #1

Two adventures for the price of one! These short, hard-hitting adventures are each suitable for a single amazing game night or two shorter sessions.

  • Lost Halls of Everforge is a flame dragon wyrmling lair suitable for four or five 3rd-level characters
  • The Pirates’ Cove is the lair of a blasphemous cult, suitable for four or five 5th-level characters

With complete terrain, tokens, stats and more, these two dungeons are ready for immediate play and include:

  • Clickable token actions on every enemy!
  • Special visual effects for each of the final bosses!
  • Trap effects from wily kobold trapsmiths!

In addition to great visuals, each adventure includes supporting material to make it easy to run.

  • Lighting and notes for 5th Edition DMs
  • Random patrol deck!
  • Monster stats and tokens from Tome of Beasts included!

Designed by Shawn Merwin and Brian Engard, with cartography by Jure Pintar and Roll20 conversion by Dean Bigbee

Bundle Includes These Items:

Lost Halls of Everforge
The Pirate Cove

Purchase this bundle to unlock access to all of the above items!