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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Abrac - City in the Swamps

Author: Braythe RPG

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $19.99

This Package Includes:

Welcome to Abrac, City in the Swamps!

A system-agnostic city setting

This supplement offers you a unique location for your roleplaying adventures to take place in. It’s designed as part of the setting Braythe: Shattered Realities, but it’s also designed to be easily adapted to any other setting or to be used on its own.

Abrac is a fantasy city full of diverse species, from the lizard-like Chazrac who founded it to fairy creatures who live among the mortals. It's a functioning anarchy with its own set of unwritten laws.

The Abrac City Setting for Roll20 includes:

Abrac is a system-agnostic city setting. This product is delibaretly rules-light and focuses on text and visual content (lore, character and location descriptions, current news, maps, etc.).

You won't find any creatures, species or rules specific to any particular roleplaying game. There are no creatures, spells, items etc. added to your Roll20 compendium!

Instead, this product is designed to be easily adapted to any kind of fantasy roleplaying game.

Abrac is part of the setting Braythe: Shattered Realities, but designed to be usable as a stand-alone city setting, or easy to adapt to other fantasy settings.

Play with less preparation time

The Roll20 conversion of Abrac: City in the Swamps contains maps prepared with Roll20's dynamic lighting feature, so you can put your players right into the city. The art pack includes three NPC artworks which you can drag & drop into your maps (not including any stat blocks!).

Handouts are prepared for the most important maps as well as three major NPC portraits.

A rollable table makes it easy to find the next encounter when your players are traveling through the surrounding swamps!

How to access your content

Compendium expansion: Access all information about the city of Abrac in the in-app compendium, or in the Roll20 web compendium

Game addon: Abrac: City in the Swamps comes with its own game addon that you can add to any existing Roll20 game. This allows you to easily include the city in your ongoing campaigns.

Art & Maps pack: Find the art and maps from this product in the Premium assets section of your Roll20 Art library in-app.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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