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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Arcadia No. 15

Author: MCDM Productions

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $11.99

This Package Includes:

ARCADIA 15 is here! This issue contains the following three articles and has cover from Zuzanna Wuzyk.

Compendium Expansion/Addon Encounter: Embrace the Flesh by Basheer Ghouse. Inspired by Carrion, Prototype, and Venom, the Way of the Flesh monastic tradition teaches a monk to shape their flesh into long-reaching tendrils that can grapple enemies and allow them to swing from rooftops. By recognizing that one’s body is just a vessel for the soul, these monks can absorb their enemies’ flesh to gain their appearance and memories. This article includes an NPC and a retainer stat block and an encounter with a monk of the flesh. Artist Credits: Patrik Hell and Miska Fredman.

Compendium Expansion: Nightmare Dragon by Alex Clippinger. Imagine living your worst nightmare … and now picture the force that created that thing you fear. Nightmare dragons are progenitors of terror, feeding on the fright of victims whose dreams they twist nightly in the Astral Plane. This challenge rating 24 dragon comes with a stat block, lair actions, plot hooks, and plans. Artist Credits: Henrik Rosenborg and Faizal Fikri.

Addon Encounter: What They Know May Hurt You by Marcello De Velazquez. When it comes to learning the location of buried treasure, the secret weakness of a villain, the long-lost heir to the throne, or simply the next adventure, NPC informants are worth their weight in platinum. This article presents three new NPC informants ready to give your characters the information they need … for a price! Artist Credits: Gustavo Pelissari.

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