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5e Unearthed Spoils Digital Magazine Volumes 4-6 BUNDLE

Author: Grim Press
Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.
List Price: $26.97
Save 20%
Bundle Price: $21.58

This Bundle Includes:

Purchase volumes IV, V, and VI of our Unearthed Spoils Digital Magazine at a discount!

In this bundle, you'll receive:

Dipped in Poison
• AN INTRODUCTION TO POISONS – Some useful rules and terminology on poisons, venoms, and toxins.
• POISONER’S TOOLKIT – Seventeen kits, equipment, reagents, and recipe books for harvesting, refining, and synthesizing poisons.
• MAGICAL SPELLS – Thirteen new poison-based spells to incorporate into your adventures.
• ARCHETYPES – Handling deadly poisons takes considerable attention to detail. Introducing the Poison Master rogue —few are more equipped for the task.
• GM VARIANT RULE: HARVESTING, PRESERVING, &REFINING POISONS – A series of expanded rules for harvesting, preserving, and refining poisons from natural sources, as well as several examples.
• GM VARIANT RULE: SYNTHESIZING POISONS – A series of expanded rules for synthesizing and creating new poisons.

Surviving the Arctic
• MAGIC ITEM SET - Rebuffing the cold's deathly grip, this magic item set allows its wearer to survive in an arctic environment.
• MAGIC ITEMS FOUND IN THE ARCTIC - Items imbued with magical properties might be hard to find in the frozen wastes, but these eight magic items are proof they do exist.
• MAGICAL SPELLS - Six spells designed to freeze your foes or bolster your defenses by harnessing winter's chill.
• ARCHETYPES - Three new subclasses that favor the cold tundra (barbarian, monk, sorcerer).
• GM VARIANT RULE: COLD WEATHER TRAVEL & RESTING - Rules outlining the hinderances of various cold weather conditions when taking a long rest, given a player's general preparedness.
• ENCOUNTER: FROZEN KEEP DEFENSE - Defending the Frozen Keep is a short encounter for Game Masters to drop into a long-running campaign.

Adventure on the High Seas
• MAGIC ITEMS - Any sailor worth their salt knows there’s treasure on the seas more precious than gold and jewels. These eleven magic items are waiting to be found.
• SHIP AUGMENTS - Make your ship the terror of the high seas with these four easy-to-install additions.
• ARCHETYPES - Four new subclasses that are ready to plunder untold riches.
• BLESSINGS AND BANES: THE BOONS AND CURSES OF THE SEA - The seas are alive with all manner of blessings and banes. Fifteen new afflictions await those who travel these waters.
• GM VARIANT RULE: GLORY AND INFAMY - Loathed or trusted, feared or famed, a captain’s name is worth more than his weight in gold. These variant rules allow GMs to assign their players a reputation on the high seas.
• GM VARIANT RULE: FEATS OF FAME AND FORTUNE - Not all skills learned on the high seas can be taught. These eight feats are earned by only the most infamous.
• SAILING THE SEAS: BATTLEMAPS - Three additional battlemaps (with dynamic line of sight) are available so your players can loot and plunder to their heart's content.

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