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Everyday Heroes Quickstart Guide

Author: Evil Genius Games

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $0.00

This Package Includes:

Check out the Kickstarter for Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook if you're interested in more roleplay in the modern world. Every backer at the Core Rulebook level receives the Roll20 integration of the Core Rulebook for FREE!

A Roleplaying Game for the Modern World

Everyday Heroes is first and foremost a game inspired by action cinema and other thrilling tales of adventure from comics, books, and our own imaginations. The setting for Everyday Heroes is the world we all live in, though with plenty of space for you to imagine whatever differences make exciting opportunities for adventure. Whether you want to experience a gritty story of heroism torn from today’s headlines, recreate a favorite movie franchise, or throw modern day heroes into adventures in far-away times and places, Everyday Heroes can get you there!

The rules of our game are here to give you a framework to build on. Everyday Heroes has enough rules to make combat a tactical challenge, but enough flexibility to allow for strong storytelling in firefights, car chases, and any other action scene you can imagine. Everyday Heroes is here to inspire you and to make the act of bringing stories to life simple and fun for everyone.

So fasten your seatbelt, check your magazine, and get ready for action, adventure, and other memorable moments with Everyday Heroes!

What's Inside?

Everyday Heroes™ is the ultimate modern-day roleplaying game system. This tabletop roleplaying game is based on the d20 Modern rule system but updated to 5th edition. If you loved d20 Modern but wished it was using the most cutting-edge systems, this game is for you.

This special quickstart edition has been designed to let you jump into Everyday Heroes and start playing immediately. Fundamentally, it’s the same game as you will find in the full Everyday Heroes rule book, just trimmed down. Included is an introductory adventure that will give you and your players a taste of exactly how a game of Everyday Heroes plays out.

All book assets and information are fully integrated for the VTT, including all statblocks and all maps with GM layer information and Dynamic Lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription), and an Art Pack, full of tokens and handouts for players or NPCs!

Play with Less Prep

In Everyday Heroes, you'll get all book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT!

Accessing your Content

Module: This product includes an adventure module. To create a new game, click on the Start New Game option from the site menu. The column on the right-hand side of the page is titled Optional: Choose a Module. Clicking on the cover image will select this module as the base for your new game.

Compendium: You can access all of the rules, items, and creatures from this product in the in-app compendium, as well as on the Roll20 Web Compendium.

Art Pack: You can access the Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use.

Which Character Sheet should I use?
All 5e Open Game License content on Roll20 uses the 'D&D 5E by Roll20' character sheet.

Bug Reports
If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Help Center.

© Everyday Heroes™ Quickstart Guide: Copyright 2022, Evil Genius Productions LLC

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