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Heroes of Karth: Bundle I

Author: Heroes of Karth

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $19.96
Save 20%
Bundle Price: $15.97

This Bundle Includes:

To the Heroes of Karth tokens! The HoK Bundle I package includes the first sets of tokens released that are based on the Heroes of Karth book series by Grant Hamilton. The Elf tokens come with a full compliment of elves including rangers, scouts, mages, priestesses, and thieves commanded by the elf lord. The Goblin tokens are comprised of the goblin champion, necromancer, shaman, warrior and peons commanded by the goblin chieftain. The Hero tokens include all of the main characters with Davissor, a half-elf mage, Ahira, a dwarf berserker, Angus, a gnome thief, Ragnar, a dwarf bandit, and Garrett, a human knight, as the mercenary Heroes of Karth band. The Lunas elf family of Llysander, Kalahni, Llythwain, Morrowyn and Snow are included so that their epic goal of remaining intact as one family continues. The Monster tokens are also available with ogres, orcs spiders, spider queens, spiderlings, webs, poison and darkness to challenge any hero. The animal tokens are also available as pets for heroes to take advantage of including wolves, eagles, bears and cougars. There are also lots of spell tokens to help track spellcasting!

Join the Heroes of Karth in their quest to free Karth of all that threatens the peace that spiritual energies bring! Rise up with us and take your hero tokens to new heights and new adventures! Cast spells with our spell tokens! And join us as Heroes of Karth fans by signing up to our newsletter to get a free PDF copy of Book 1,Heroes of Karth - The Curse of the Undead.

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To the Heroes of Karth!!

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