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Sabbat: The Black Hand - A Sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade

Author: Renegade Game Studios

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $44.99

This Package Includes:

Brothers and Sisters in Caine, united under the banner of the Dark Father

What's Inside?

An antagonists’ guide to the cultic fanatics of the Sabbat, this book contains:

Mature Warning: contains graphic and written content of a mature nature, including violence, sexual themes, and strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Play with Less Prep

Sabbat: the Black Hand rules and lore:

Over 18 antagonists with in-app drag-and-drop, like the Blood-Hound and the Path of Cathari Radicalizer

17 new powers for your disciplines such as the Auspex: Unerring Pursuit and Oblivion: Umbrous Clutch

New Blood Sorcery, Thin-Blood Alchemy, Rituals, and Ceremonies such as Reclamation of Vitae, On-Demand Sunburn, and Beelzebeatit

Character Art Pack for player characters and NPCs alike featuring the gorgeous art of Sabbat: The Black Hand on pre-made tokens and handouts.

Accessing Your Content


You can access all of the rules, items, and creatures from Sabbat: The Black Hand in the in-app compendium, as well as on the Roll20 web compendium.

Art Pack

You can access the Character Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use.

Bug Reports

If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Help Center.

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